Rise Against Hunger

We are quickly approaching our June 10th event to package meals for starving people throughout the world. In order to make this event a success, we need to raise some funds to pay for the meal we will package. The base amount of meals will be 10,000 for the small cost of $3,000.

We have been challenged to exceed that base amount. Let’s start raising funds now by simply giving to this cause. Let’s look at the basic cost of a meal. Every meal we will package on June 10th costs 29 cents. When you compare that to the average cost of a meal we eat on a daily basis, $10 (a basic meal of a sandwich and a side averages around $5 and ranges up to an average of $25 for a steak dinner) 29 cents doesn’t sound like a lot to feed a starving person. I challenge you to look ahead and count the amount of meals you will eat between Sunday April 30th, and June 10th. Then set aside 29 cents for every meal you figure you will eat. For the average person who eats 3 meals a day, the total amount will be $35 which is less than the average person spends to eat for 2 days.

If only 60 people donate this amount, we will have already raised $2,100 toward our base goal of $3,000. It’s a great start. If you feel moved to give for this event, you can write a check to First United Methodist Church, or give cash. Please write on the envelope or the memo line of the check: Rise Against Hunger.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the church office at 304.258.2766 or e-mail firstumc3@frontier.com