Prayer Requests

You may submit prayer requests by email to or you may contact the church office at 304-258-2766. Please include your name, the name of the person for whom you are asking a prayer, and their relationship to you. You may also include a contact number if you would like our ministry team to reach out for personal prayer by phone or to schedule an in-home visit.


Bettye McConnell – Erin Belcher’s grandma had surgery for a broken hip. Please pray for her comfort during her recovery. 11-2-2019

Rick Millner – Rick will be having surgery on his knee on October 30.  Please keep him in your prayers for a successful surgery and a quick recovery. 10-29-2019. Rick’s surgery was successful and he is resting at home. His recovery will take approximately 6 weeks. 11-1-2019

Brenda Elliott – Thank your for your prayers for Brenda and her family following her disheartening diagnosis. Brenda passed away on October 25 and the arrangements are set for November 2nd for a viewing and the funeral service. Please share prayers of comfort and healing for Brenda’s family and the Arbogasts.  Brenda is Jim and Kathy Arbogast’s sister-in-law. 10-25-2019

Bonnie Kisner – Needs prayers for healing and support. Bonnie has been diagnosed with aortic stenosis; a heart condition. She will need a heart catheter, tests and a procedure to repair the heart valve throughout the next few weeks. She is Debbie Haines’ mother in law. 10-18-2019
Update 10-21-2019 – Catheter went well and Ms. Kisner has been released from the hospital. Continued prayers are still requested while she goes through the upcoming procedures.

Barb and Ed Bailey – Barb has been readmitted to the hospital. Please continue to pray for healing. 10-26-2019.  Also, please pray for Chris, a relative who has a serious medical diagnosis. 10-16-2019

Kolton Gibney – is the 13 year old great nephew of Linda Wachter, and was flown to children’s hospital in DC with continued seizures. UPDATE : Kolton is home from the hospital with no diagnosis. His seizures have stopped for the time being, but he is still in need of prayers. 10-5-2019

Phyllis Myers – Send prayers for healing, as she is hospitalized. Phyllis is Ike Bohrer’s sister. 10-9-2019

Amy Benner – Daughter of Ike and Penny Bohrer is recovering from surgery. 10-9-2019

Seville and Clark families – Mourning the loss of Ernest Clark, who was buried October 11. 10-9-2019

Debi Stackhouse – Is recovering from health issues. 9-24-2019

George & Relda White George has been re-admitted to the hospital and is very weak. Please share your prayers for comfort for him and his wife, Relda.  10-25-2019.

Shawn Martin – hospitalized for pancreatitis. 9-23-2019

Norma G. Haslacker – Continued prayers please.

John Kuykendall – Prayers for healing.

Judy Merica – Prayers for comfort.


Luella Andrews – has been hospitalized with an infection in her finger. Her doctors are running tests to determine their treatment options. 10-25-2019. Update: Luella’s infection  has not improved and her family is requesting continued prayers. 11-5-2019

Nancy and Bernie Jones

Eileen Reeder

Judy Rice

Bettie Stotler – Bettie has been moved from home to a care facility.