Prayer Requests

You may submit prayer requests by email to or contact the church office at 304-258-2766. Please include the name of the person for whom you are asking a prayer, and a brief description of the nature of the matter. You may include your name and a contact number if you would like our ministry team to reach out for personal prayer by phone or to schedule an in-home visit.

Pray for the Souls of our departed church members and for comfort for their families as they mourn the loss of
their loved ones.

Requests for prayers for medical concerns and for other personal cares.
Giving thanks for joys.

Any in our community who have contracted the Coronavirus, and any others around the world.

Juliet Beihl – medical due to injury plus another medical issue.

Tracey Brown – family medical.

Glenna Davison – medical rehabilitation.

Diane Fox – medical.

John Froebe – medical

Amanda Hernandez – Joyful news of a newborn, medical news that she needed surgery.

Chantel Hoffman – medical due to illness.

Kevin Johnson – medical.

Crystal Kates – medical

Becki Lenhardt – medical.

Tim Leslie – medical needing surgery.

Julia Linaweaver – medical due to injury, had successful surgery, is recovering.

Ira Manley – medical.

Linda Martin – medical

Lori Miller – medical due to injury.

Beulah Millner – Recovering and improving now at home.

Amy Moore – medical due to illness.

Eileen Reeder – medical due to injury

Don Reeder – caregiver prayers as he cares for his mom.

Tiffany Rider – medical.

Erin S. – medical.

Debbie Stackhouse – medical, preventative

Joey Unger – medical.

Rev. Rick Vance – medical due to illness.

Ian W. – medical due to injury.

Mark Widmyer – medical due to illness. Mark is Fred’s brother.

Saul Williams – medical due to auto immune diagnosis.

Continuing prayers for our church family who are home bound or in a care facility.

Luella Andrews, Nancy and Bernie Jones, Bettye McConnell, Dellis Martin, Eileen Reeder,  Ellie Reynolds, Relda White, Betty Williams.

The families of those who passed away this year, leaving this earth for an eternal life with Christ.

January – James Bracken, Della Johnson, Dorothy “Dort” Metzger, George White
April – Della Buscher
July – Bettie Stotler, Ike Bohrer