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  • Go Friends Egg Hunt (2/20/2018) - Go Friends will be having an Easter Egg Hunt on Thursday, March 29. WE NEED EGGS FILLED WITH CANDY. Plastic eggs can be purchased for $1.00 at Dollar Tree or Dollar Stores, fill them with
  • Lenten Valentine (2/18/2018) - 18 February 2018 ~ Reverend Doug Hoffman, Pastor ~ Mark 10:17-22 ~ He loved him.
  • February 18 worship (2/17/2018) - All worship services and Sunday School will proceed on the regular schedule tomorrow, February 18. If you choose to come, please exercise caution on the snowy streets.
  • Possibility (2/11/2018) - 11 February 2018 ~ Reverend Doug Hoffman, Pastor ~ John 6:1-14 ~ From possibility to miracle; wine to  water and 5 loaves/2 fish feed 5,000.
  • Ash Wednesday Events (2/8/2018) - Tuesday, February 13, Pastor Doug will be burning the old palms from last year along with the inserts from today. Also, there will be an Ash Wednesday Service Wednesday, February 14, at 7:00 PM at