Servant Leadership

Our Servant Leader represents the Laity of the church, and is the leading advocate for their ministry and mission.  The Servant Leader works with the Pastor to shepherd leadership development and to promote the laity’s ownership of the church’s present and future ministry and mission.  The Servant Leader may form a team of persons who help represent the worshipers who gather for our two blended celebrations of worship, so that their concerns and interests are well represented as decisions are made for the common good of the church.  This Team may also include the Lay Member to Annual Conference, who represents our congregation at gatherings of Annual Conference.

Worship Team

The Worship Team works closely with the Pastor to envision, craft, organize, resource, and execute creative and joyous worship that nourishes and inspires the congregation.

Music Ministry Team

The Music Ministry Team consists of the traditional Chancel Choir, the Hand Bell Choir, and the musicians behind the praise. Our church is blessed with an organist and several pianists, and lovely voices. The choir director works with the pastor to plan the music surrounding the sermons, the annual Christmas Cantata, and several special musical performances throughout the year.

Children’s Ministry Team

The Children’s Ministry Team looks after the quality and fruitfulness of our ministries to infants and children and their families.  They care for the adequate volunteer staffing and resourcing of our children’s nursery care on Sunday mornings.  They ensure adequate staffing and support for our Nursery ministry.  They assist the pastor in planning special events, such as Vacation Bible School and other seasonal events, for the faith formation and support of our children and our community.

Hospitality Team

The Hospitality Team looks after how we welcome and receive guests who come to worship and share ministry with us.  The team trains volunteers and the congregation to welcome newcomers as expected guests, and to offer and welcome them into deeper connection.  The team supervises our Greeting ministry, coordinates that with our Ushering ministry, and organizes our follow up upon our guests.

Kitchen Team

The Kitchen Team organizes the Kitchen and looks after its upkeep and ensures that it is adequately supplied.  The Team also prepares and serves meals for a variety of special occasions, including but not limited to funeral luncheons, and church-wide fellowship meals, such as church picnics at our second campus, the Blue, and our Annual Thanksgiving dinner when we are blessed to have it.

Security Team

The Security Team works to ensure that our buildings and grounds are safe places for our congregation and volunteers to gather for worship, fellowship, and service.  Working closely with the Trustees, the team makes sure that security and safety equipment in our buildings and on our grounds are functional and up-to-date, and that we are prepared to respond to safety risks when they present themselves.

Other Teams

The Alter Guild and Communion Stewards, our Membership Secretary, our Nursery Aides, the Women of the United Methodist Church, our Organist and Pianists, our Communications Team, and our Technical Team who record the service each week.