Prayer & Fasting

BWC Season of Prayer and Fasting–Our Annual Conference is supporting a “Season of Prayer and Fasting” in preparation for General Conference in May. Each Region has been asked to focus on a specific month leading up to this important meeting of our Church.  Our Western Region has been asked to engage this time of prayer and discernment from the remainder of January to February 14th.  During this period, we are invited to pray and fast for the Holy Spirit’s presence and power to impact our United Methodist denomination and local churches like ours.  Pray as you are able each day during the month. Fast, if you wish, each Wednesday and Friday from sunrise to sunset.

We are welcomed, of course, to fast on days other than Wednesday and Friday, if it’s not possible for you to fast on those days.  We are also welcomed to extend our prayer and fasting beyond our Region’s February 14th end date.  I will be joining in prayer and fasting and hope that you will participate as well.  We all believe in prayer and its power to do God’s Will and usher in Jesus’ Reign on earth, as it is in heaven.  There is no time like the present, for seeking God and God’s direction.