Nominations Committee

Responsibilities of the Committee

  • Members of this committee are to be attentive to their own Christian spiritual lives and engaged in biblical and theological reflection about God’s call and the mission of the church. This committee helps members of the church identify their calls from God, their leadership gifts, and places for Christian service.
  • This committee leads the congregation to understand that God gives gifts, skills, and experiences to every individual within the body of Christ for ministry for the transformation of the world. Individual ministry may be lived out within personal relationships, in work or school settings, and in the congregation.
  • This committee develops a system for becoming familiar with people in the congregation. It helps people discover their spiritual gifts, name their skills, interests, knowledge, and life experiences in addition to developing a system for tracking this information.
  • This committee works cooperatively with other groups or individuals to prepare job descriptions that are adapted to the needs and organizational style of the church.
  • This committee becomes familiar with the responsibilities for each leadership position and matches potential leaders with particular opportunities for spiritual leadership.
  • This committee invites people to positions of spiritual leadership, receives their responses, and provides training and support for these individuals.
  • This committee presents a nomination list to the charge conference for a church council chair, a committee on pastor (staff) parish relations and its chair, a board of trustees, a committee on finance (to include chair, financial secretary, and treasurer), a lay member to annual conference, and a lay leader. The committee works with the church council (or other leadership group) throughout the year to name other leaders for the ministry that fulfills the mission of the congregation.

Responsibilities of the Chairperson (the Pastor)

  • Work in partnership with the layperson who is co-chair or vice chair to plan agendas and lead meetings.
  • Work with the church council to develop a comprehensive plan for connecting growing Christian disciples with leadership opportunities based on the mission and vision of the congregation.
  • Report to the church council and the charge conference a list of people nominated by the committee who have agreed to serve in positions that the charge conference elects.
  • Provide resource materials and training opportunities for congregational leaders.