Missions Committee

Missions: To “Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people.” -Ephesians 6-7

Dedicated the word’s of God, FUMC Missions is focused on serving others as if serving the Lord. The scope of our service to others is boundless, serving locally, nationally, and internationally, we work to honor God by serving ALL people, helping those in need, and sharing the love of God.

Recent Missions Posts

  • Rise Against Hunger - We are quickly approaching our June 10th event to package meals for starving people throughout the world. In order to make this event a success, we need to raise some funds to pay for the
  • Ways to Help WV Flood Victims - The organization for flood relief is coming together in southern West Virginia. The process has been handicapped because of the large scale damage that has been done over a very wide area. The network for

Recent Missions Activities

Rise Against Hunger

Past Missions Work

  • 2001 – Team Sent on a trip to Mexico where they built two houses and held a VBS.
    This started a series of Missions trips by youth and adults.
  • 2001- Present -Teams sent to Mexico, Trinidad, Montana, Florida, N. Carolina, Southern WV, Jamaica,
    and Kentucky.
  • 2011, 2012-  Guatemalan mission team build insulated stoves for poor near Antigua, builds
    Chicken Coops for families, and aids projects of Kairos School
  • Yearly Paw Paw Mission – Aids families in nearby Paw Paw – Providing VBS, building help, and other ministries of compassion.
  • Supported local organizations like Starting Points and M.C.E.I.C.
  • Supported organizations like the Heifer Project, KIVA, World Vision, and the Persecuted Church in special drived
  • Groups outside of the Missions Committee who are deeply involved in missional work – The CEOs, the Women of First Church, Men of First Church, 55+ Group, and others have done powerful ministry.