Support/IT Team

Information Technology (IT) Team

The IT Team works to make sure that the web pages, internet connections, and other digital technology owned and utilized by the church are in proper working condition. The team provides technical assistance as needed and also performs regular maintenance where possible. Currently, the IT Team is focused on improving how the ministries of the church utilize existing technologies and are hoping to train lay people in at some of these fields so that the church not only becomes more technologically literate but also more connected to the inner workings of our website.

Recent IT Posts

  • Website Code Visible - Due to recent updates to the website, there will be strings of code underneath certain sliders – the IT Team is aware of this and will be working toward removing them ASAP. They do not
  • Website Maintenance - Tonight GoFirst.Org will be down for several hours due to scheduled server maintenance. While this maintenance should be complete between the hours of 2:00-4:00 AM it is possible some latency issues will carry into tomorrow.
  • Confirmation Emails Restored - As of 10:30 AM 07/19/2017 the website has full email support restored. If you fill out any site forms, you should receive email confirmation afterward. -IT Team
  • Mobile Theme Issue - UPDATE: We are backup and running– Thank you again for your patience in this matter! We apologize to anyone familiar with our usual mobile theme; a recent update to the mobile theme package appears to

If you would like to report any issues with Technology at the Church or Online please contact the Church Office
or the IT Help Team