For tips regarding the site and its functions

Webpage 101 – Changing Mobile Theme

Do you have a smartphone?  You’ll probably have noticed the site displays differently on a mobile device than it does for a standard computer.

If you would prefer the ‘desktop’ theme over the mobile theme its easy enough to switch!

On you mobile device, scroll to the very bottom of the page and select desktop instead of mobile:

tool-tip-2-1 The page will reload into the desktop version, with the side menus being accessible by tapping the left and right icons respectively:

tool-tip-2-2To change back, simply scroll to the very bottom again and select mobile.


Webpage 101 – Menu Quick Tip

Did you know the title bar menu on the PC version of the webpage itself is clickable?

tool-tip-1For instance, you can click the ‘Contact / About’ portion of the menu itself as an independent menu option, not just the sub menu items!


The same holds true for all of the menu items on the menu bar, and help in showing the relevant posts to the site under those headings.


Webpage 101 – Home Link

Wondering what the link for the ‘home’ page is?

Simply click the ‘First United Methodist Church –’ header at the top of the page and it will return you to the landing page with the most recent posts!